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Sims gave me unrealistic university expectations

Where the fuck are all the llamas?!

Also, I’m going to riot if I have to talk to all these strangers and there isn’t a cow plant in it for me.

what I planned to spend my summer doing:

  • playing the Sims
  • completing Alice: Madness Returns

what I did:

  • chain watched cartoons


I put off doing nothing to do even less. 

I’m meant to be moving to universidad in two weeks and I haven’t even finished procrastinating yet

I’ve been away for months and Sims 2 ultIMATE VERSION, WHAT THE….?

There are a couple of replies I’ve received on my last couple of posts that I haven’t replied to yet. I’m awfully sorry for being rude — but honestly I am getting round to it.

Like I am most things! One such thing being playing sims again. I’ve kinda been on a break lately. I’ve loaded up the game so many times, just to find myself bored and quitting after five minutes. I almost miss the days when I wasn’t picky about CC and had neighbourhoods full of dysfunctional face one families. GAH.

Guys, sorry for the lack of updates!

This is my third last week at school (!!!!!!) and there’s a massive push for dissertations and projects to be finished, so I’ve been stressing out over that for the last couple of weeks, thus, no posts. I’ve lost any kind of interest in the Sims at present, and am this close to a mental breakdown.

But, as always, there’s a couple good things:

  1. Next week is Easter break, which means I have some spare time, which means Sims!

Here is picture #2. 

I am so sick of program code. Even though this uses ActionScript which is quite nice as far as my programming language experience goes. Still, I kind of have a new respect for video game developers after having to do a really simple of of my own.

I am almost finished my weird Back to the Future themed game for class hellz yeah it’s almost there. Less than four weeks work, w00t. Just need to implement a high scores table (I say just like that’s going to be easy, ahaha) and I’m freeeeeeeeee.


gonewodwo replied to your photo
A sore throat? Oh no! I hope it’s not the consumption!

"look we’re all confused and upset by the sudden lens flare but can you not"

Finished the street. Hurrah.

Once again — absence due to ~artz and ~stuff. Probably going to post some more pictures buildings or something over the weekend… 

Every time I try playing the sims 3 I am reminded why I never play the sims 3.

Why won’t you damn things use your beds?!